Since 1999, Stewards In Action (SIA), a non-profit organization, has provided classes and workshops to 4,985 people, providing them with tools to get out of debt, maximize their resources and start living better lives.

SIA Helps Families and Individuals:

  • Learn how to budget
  • Learn how to live within the budget
  • Achieve financial goals
  • Become debt-free

SIA is Faith Based

When you honor God in every decision concerning money management you will learn that as long as you are alive, it is never too late to make meaningful changes. Begin with prayer and seek the Lord’s guidance as you accept your role as a good steward. Set family time for open discussion, scripture study and prayer. Let your children know you love them and that you need their prayers. Attend activities at church, ask for help and creative ideas to keep a Christ-focused home environment and be a good steward in all things.


SIA offers training that focuses on helping you solve your money problems, get your finances in order and enjoy financial peace. There is no fee for our training and it is available for groups or individuals. Contact Karen Cheathem at kcheathem@stewardsinsaction.com or 231 728-5490 for more information.

Some of the classes offered by SIA are listed below.

The Alternative to Living in Debt – Learn how to build wealth by always getting the most for your money, saving, controlling waste and setting short and long-term goals.

Stewardship Presentations - Focuses on biblical concepts and the need to follow scripture-based principles in all financial matters.

Renting or Home Ownership – The pros and cons of renting and home ownership. How to make a wise decision about what is best for you personally.

Volunteer or Make a Donation

Stewards In Action has helped hundreds of people through workshops and training seminars. To continue our work, we need volunteers and donors. Can you help us make a difference today that will sustain itself for future generations? Make a donation of any amount by clicking the donate button below or contact us at kcheathem@stewardsinaction.com to learn about volunteer opportunities.

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News You Can Use

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Faith, Power, Strength and Help

Recharge and invigorate your soul and your relationship with God through meditating on these scriptures.
Faith: Matthew 17:20 and 21:21-22
Power: Philippians 4:13
Strength: Psalm 46:1
Help: Isiah 41:10

SIA is on YouTube

Visit the SIA YouTube Channel for videos that can enrich and even change your life.
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Our purpose, goals and objectives, history and financial accountability


Goals and Objectives


Stewards in Action (S.I.A.) was a part of the effort of One Step Budgeting, a service designed to teach people how to live debt free. The owner, Karen Cheathem, worked for several years to try to teach the simple concept of budgeting but found there were many other hidden problems that hindered some from achieving their goal.

The trend known as downsizing was having an effect on households across Muskegon County . Understanding how to live on less using the concept of budgeting, in-home meal planning and other support helps was a skill that had to be embraced if families were to survive. On August 20, 1997, Perry Cheathem, Jr., Sequita Jackson and Karen Cheathem met to discuss what they could do to help families in financial need. From this meeting Stewards In Action was born.

From that first meeting through November 17, 1999 , Karen continued her research and worked with families. With a retrospect view of the many government programs designed to assist those in need, it was determined that the focus was physical in nature, that is, someone noted the need, and based on X dollars, devised a plan to help. The missing piece in the plan was the inner or spiritual makeup of the persons in need. Families receiving the services felt anxious, defeated, and self-reproachful. In addition, their very dignity was weakened and their very freedom was at risk. With that in view, S.I.A.’s approach was to give families opportunities to maximize what they have to achieve what they need.

In September 2002, Stewards in Action (SIA) became a publicly supported organization and tax exempt from federal income tax 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501 (c)( 3).

Board of Directors

Georgia Moss
Perry Cheathem Jr.
Marilyn Briggs


President - Sequita Jackson
Vice President - Perry Cheathem, Sr.
Secretary/Treasurer - Karen J. Cheathem


Perry Cheathem, Jr.
Karen Chethem
Sequita Jackson

Financial Accountability Report Summary - Fiscal 2019

October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019
Revenue Source: Contributions
Expense: Seminars, various training packets, and website
Net Income/(loss) From Operations: $578.10
Administrative cost: Supplies used for presentations
Assets: $4,816.60 including book inventory at September 30, 2019
Liabilities: None outstanding
Staffing: SIA has no paid staff

Individuals Served

Seminars, Classes and Community Events: 1,469
Media Ministry (Facebook, Twitter, website, Linkedin and digital newsletters): Average 724/month
One Minute - Radio Tips: 14,000 listening audience plus bounce. Estimated 3,000/per month
Word Living Newsletters distributed September - June since 1997: 41,407 copies distributed
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Our workshops help you get your legal and financial affairs in order!

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