These are the things you shall do: Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; Give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace;
Zechariah 8:16

SIA testimonials are now on Twitter

We invite you to let us know how our workshops and assistance have impacted you and your family. Starting in November 2014 you can give us feedback through our Twitter account and your comments will appear below. To view feedback we received prior to using Twitter, scroll down.

Prior to November 2014

I attended the 2014 Money Management Mini Session and the information was very useful. Karen answered questions and provided useful tips on how save money by planning and spending less. The lesson that showed the value of a penny made me think but when she gave each of us a penny and a jar, I started saving.

I attended Professional Appreciation Day and heard Karen explained how saving $20.48 per month and adding it to the principal amount each month could have a significant impact on the amount of interest paid on a home mortgage. I did not think the amount would make a difference, but I was wrong.


SIA provides the information that people need. I wish more people would attend because this is great information.

I love these seminars because you can ask questions and get the answers you need.

The Estate Planning Seminar – I was well informed. Throughout the session David took time to make sure he turned the confusing issues into a understandable plan.

SIA-Continue to be there for people and do what you do.

Very good information that we need to know.

Everywhere I go I ask for my Senior Discount. Some places do not offer it, but I have saved money at the places that do. Thank you for the list. It is very helpful.

Thank you for the one-on-one budgeting help and follow-up. Keep me in your prayers.

I attended your seminar and called my insurance company to check on my discounts. I was able to save money this year. Thank you. I am glad I attended.

Mrs. Cheathem, I am currently working and following your budget sheets. I have an apartment and a car. Thank you so much. I will keep in touch.

The help was great and the follow-up really made me keep on track. We are using the envelope system you set-up and it really works. It is easy and my husband thinks it’s great. Thank you.


The 2012 Health Fair was great. The speaker was excellent and we would like her to come back before the next health fair. The vendors were great. had all my questions answered. The Information about prescriptions, resources to help pay for medication and hospital cost was news to me. I hope others come next year. Medicare and Medicaid was excellent. The speaker answered many questions and provided a lot of information. I was not aware of all the rules and requirements needed to be eligible for Medicaid assistance. Medicare was explained very well and I plan to attend future seminars and tell others. Estate Planning really opened my eyes and I plan to get my house in order. We were amazed that what we have heard for so long was not how it really works if you are sick or die without written information. Documentation is very important. Things to Think About was great and it stressed to need for a budget. I am signing up for Budget 2013 because I need help and a class would get me started in the right direction.


Comments from the Bankruptcy and Foreclosures Seminar
The seminar on Bankruptcy and Foreclosures was great. It was very informative. Thank you for planning these events.

The seminar on Estate Planning and Funeral School was eye opening. The information on ways to say money was excellent.

The attorney provided information in a way that everyone could understand it. Sometimes people think this subject is only for the rich, but everyone needs to know about this subject and soon.

Keep providing information for the community.

Thank you for the seminars. Our community needs them.


Comments from the Funeral Cost and Medicare and You Seminar
Thank you SIA for providing this excellent information for the community.

This seminar provided me with much needed information.

This seminar was what I needed. Thank you and please continue doing what you do for the community.

Comments from the 2010 Understanding Taxes and Estate Planning Seminar
The seminar provided needed information.

I would definitely like to attend others seminars.

Both presenters where very engaging and provided useful information.

Thank you for providing this service to the community.

Dear Karen
Thanks so very much for speaking to my students about budgeting and planning. My students are still talking about the presentation! Needless to say, you made quite an impact and opened their eyes to life after high school.
S. Boone, Muskegon High School
S. Goodrich, MACTC

Hi, Mrs. Cheathem
I wanted to let you know I was encouraged and truly blessed by attending your class on Saturday at the Women’s Conference. I have ordered a CD of your message to share with others that were not able to attend the Women’s Conference this year. Your message on finances I received last year while attending the Women’s Conference was also a blessing to me. However, I am still working on clearing up debt and getting my finances under better control. Thanks again,


Congratulations! Thank you for helping make the 2009 Career Pathways Exploration Days, for 8th grade students, the best ever. Your enthusiasm and encouragement were contagious and evident as we watched the students buzz with excitement as they changed classes.
Amber and Jean


Comments from the 2008 Fall Taxes, Wills, and Trust Seminar
Thank you for giving this important information.

This information was greatly needed, thank you for providing this seminar.

This information was powerful and needed.

This information was clear and concise.

Thank you for providing this information. There were a lot of things I did not know.

Dear SIA, I just want to thank God for placing this idea in your heart. I pray you all continue to provide this service to the community.


Comments from the Fall Planning and Preparation Seminar
This seminar helped me understand Medicare and Medicaid, thank you.

Thank you for a session that we can ask questions. I especially appreciate not being laughed at. I look forward to the next session.

Dear SIA, a lot of people need this information, please continue to help. It is good to know you all are in “action.”

Dear SIA, we need more seminars and more information. These sessions are excellent. Don’t stop, we need this.